Santiago VĂ­quez



Notes on writing better job applications

This month, I started interviewing people for an intern position at NannyML.

Being on the other side of an interview made me realize how many poor job applications I've sent in the past.

So, I decided to take some notes to help you (and future me) write better job applications.

  1. Cover letters. If you have something genuine to say, write them. But if you are going to ChatGPT the way through it, then don't. It'll do more harm than good.

  2. Never leave optional fields blank. They are optional, but the best candidates use them to improve their application.

  3. Never write "N/A" or "." just to fill a required field.

  4. Use ChatGPT just to correct your grammar.

  5. Use your own tone and pace. With everyone sounding like ChatGPT, using your own words to sound genuine and refreshing has never been easier.

  6. Ask questions. Please, ask as many questions as you can during interviews.