Santiago Víquez



All my dead projects

I've always been curious about building and creating new things. When I started learning how to make apps and websites I felt that a new superpower was unlocked. Here is a list of all my personal projects. They all are inactive now but it was fun to create them.

  • ES corp (~2006-2011): company that I and my best friends were planning to build one day. We used to draw comics under the umbrella of ES corp. Once we bought around 25 t-shirts with nice illustrations and re-sold them for 1.5x-2x what we paid. We used the profits to buy a GoPro 🤷.

  • Scotola (2011): when we got into college a friend and I started selling fruit boxes to cafeterias at universities. The business lasted around 2 months.

  • LessLine (2015): At a startup weekend with ~8 more people we built a prototype of a mobile app to never have to do a line in a bank, office, etc ever again. The project lasted perhaps a month but there I met Andrés a friend with whom later a was going to create a bunch of other projects.

  • Cibus (2015): Menu app for university cafeterias that I built with Andrés.

  • Cazadora (2016-2018): Mobile app with the bus schedule of my university. It got around 5000 downloads and ~700 weekly users. We even made it to the local news

  • Coco Tienda (2016): Online coconut oil shop. I noticed that coconut oil was trending on google searches for my country (Costa Rica) so I bought a couple o gallons of it and re-packaged it in nice smaller samples. I wrote about the results here (spanish)

  • Agua Tibia (2017-2021): Small "startup" studio that I fund with Andrés. The idea was to develop small and useful products under the umbrella. of Agua Tibia.

  • Subhax (2017): App to "hack" your subway sandwich. It showed you a feed where people posted tips and tricks on how to make your subway order tastier or cheaper. We tried to sell the idea to Subway but we failed.

  • Album (2018): App like tinder but to find with whom to trade stickers of the Soccer World Cup album 😂.

  • Kubox (2019): Mystery box service with geeky stuff.

  • Salto (2020): Blogging platform that renders React components inside blog posts. This was a fun project because I learned a lot while doing it. But after a year of working on it, I realized that programmers usually love to build their own blog and they don't need a platform to do it for them. 😅

    Active projects#

  • Data Science Trivia (2020-current): Collection of 197 Q&A to practice the most common and challenging interview questions. From Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Statistics to History (because, why not?). It has more than 400 happy customers.

  • Plausiblle iOS widget (2021-current): Small iOS widget that shows your website analytics on your iPhone home screen. It has 32 sales on gumroad at the time of writing.