Most of the things I have built are apps made with ionic and deep learning projects.

🃏❓Data Science Trivia

Learn data science theoretical concepts by playing with your friends and colleagues. Or play by yourself to prepare for an interview.

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🧙 Harry Potter and the Deep Learning Experiment

Tired that there're only 7 Happy Potter books and 8 films? Me too! That's way I told my computer to create this new Harry Potter adventure.

Data preparation and model in GitHub.

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🚗💸 My Uber Trips Dashboard

This is the dashboard that I would like Uber to show me in their app. I built it because I want to lower my uber usage (probably the reason why uber doesn't has this build in).

You can see the basic data preparation in GitHub.

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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👶🛋️Simpsons Script Generation

Generated my own Simpsons TV script using RNNs with the Simpsons dataset of scripts from 27 seasons.

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👩👨Celebrities Face Generation

Deep learning experiment using generative adversarial networks to generate new images of faces with the CelebA dataset.

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⚽ IntercambioID

This app was created in 48 hours and it's purspose was to exchange physical postcards of the panini album of the World Cup Russia 2018.

The story behind the app and what happened with it is quite interesting even though I have not written it yet.

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🚌 Cazadora

This was the first app that I made, it is a simple app with the bus schedule of my university. In the first week it get +1000 users with a Snickers.

You can read more about the snickers strategy here.

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🥪 Subhax

It was a mobile app that lets you hack your sandwich. Subhax created a community of subway lovers that shared the most usual and unusual tips to make a sub taste better. The app eventually died but it was fun while it last.

You can read more about it's in this medium post.

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